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About Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center in Tulsa, OK

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to adults age 18 and older of all genders who are struggling with opioid addiction. If you have an addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, or other opioids, our clinic can help.

Decades of research shows that MAT is highly effective in treating opioid addiction. Methadone clinics that offer MAT utilize both medication and counseling to treat opioid dependency, addressing the whole person in the healing process. MAT is proven to lead to better rates of recovery, allowing people to enjoy a life filled with meaningful relationships and satisfying work.

Therapies Used at Our Tulsa Methadone Clinic

It might feel overwhelming to reach out for help for opioid addiction. That’s why it is so important to receive expert care at a methadone clinic that can fully address your needs. At Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center, our qualified staff takes the time to understand your unique circumstances, which helps us create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Our clinic uses both methadone and buprenorphine to treat the physical dependency opioid addiction causes. Medications can ease painful symptoms of withdrawal, and they are safe and effective for long-term use. We know that people react differently to different medications, so we will work with you to determine the proper medication and dosage.

We also provide individual counseling to help address the emotional and behavioral aspects of opioid addiction. Our caring counselors can help you process difficult feelings, giving you a greater understanding of why you may have begun using opioids. Counseling can also help you come up with healthy coping skills and strategies to avoid future opioid use.

What to Expect at Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center

Entering a methadone clinic is a courageous step. It isn’t something you need to fear. At our treatment center, we take care to create a safe environment where you feel respected. We always encourage you to ask questions and play an active role in the recovery process, because that gives you the greatest chance at achieving sustained recovery.

When you enter our MAT program, we’ll conduct a routine intake appointment during which we will ask you about your current experiences, past drug use, and medical history. We’ll administer a basic physical examination and drug screening, and we will also ask you about your specific vision of what recovery looks like for you. All this information will help us develop a personalized plan of care that is based on your strengths and needs.

If you are struggling with opioid addiction, please reach out to us as soon as possible. The journey toward recovery can be difficult, but we are here to guide you so that it can be easier. At Tulsa Comprehensive Treatment Center, you can have a chance at a brighter future.

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  • Services Provided

    • Buprenorphine Maintenance
    • Methadone Maintenance
    • Outpatient Detox
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I owe my life and recovery to this program. I am so grateful for my counselor and all the staff here for believing in me, guiding me, and supporting me on this important life changing journey.

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