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World-class customer service and an unwavering dedication to providing personalized care are hallmarks of treatment at Comprehensive Treatment Centers (CTCs).

When a man or woman chooses to heal at a CTC, he or she can expect to work with experienced professionals who are committed to upholding these standards, even before he or she actually begins to receive treatment.

Admissions and Payment Process

CTC personnel understand that many prospective patients will have questions regarding the cost of their treatment. We place great emphasis upon maintaining a transparent process so that each person understands what he or she will be expected to pay for each service that we provide, and that all payment-related questions are answered prior to the start of treatment.

When a man or woman enrolls in a CTC, he or she will participate in an individualized treatment experience that is designed to foster personal growth in a focused and meaningful manner. Prior to receiving care, all patients complete a thorough assessment to ensure that their unique strengths, needs, and treatment goals are identified and incorporated into their personalized treatment plans.

The highly personalized nature at CTCs is one of the reasons why the cost of treatment can vary from patient to patient. When a prospective patient is completing the admissions process, he or she will meet with an intake advisor who will discuss the final cost of all services, and will work with the individual to determine how and when payment will be made.

Payment Methods Accepted

Individuals who have specific questions regarding financial issues should contact the CTC where they will be receiving treatment. The following are general payment policies that typically apply to CTCs. However, it is important to note that these may not be applicable to every individual center:

  • Cash, cashier’s checks, and money orders are acceptable methods of payment at most CTCs.
  • Credit cards may be accepted for payment, but the card must have been issued in the patient’s name, or in the name of the person who will be funding the patient’s treatment. If someone other than the patient will be paying, that individual must be present in order for the CTC to be able to accept the credit card.
  • Most CTCs will not accept personal checks for payment, nor will they accept payment over the phone.
  • If a patient intends to use his or her insurance, he or she must provide all necessary documentation prior to receiving care. A member of the CTC’s staff will verify this documentation and confirm the patient’s insurance benefits prior to the start of treatment.
  • Even when patients are using their insurance benefits to pay for treatment, most CTCs require upfront payment prior to the start of treatment. A member of the center’s staff will be able to provide patients with billing statements that they can submit to their insurance provider in order to be reimbursed.
  • Prospective patients who have questions about their ability to use insurance benefits to pay for medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment at a CTC should contact the center where they will be receiving care. A member of the CTC’s staff should be able to review the prospective patient’s information and help him or her to identify and access any insurance benefits to which he or she is entitled.

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Again, it is important to note that the information provided on this page is general, and may not reflect the policies and/or procedures of any specific Comprehensive Treatment Center. Once an individual has identified a CTC where he or she would like to participate in medication-assisted treatment, he or she should contact that center directly.

The professionals who staff Comprehensive Treatment Centers are dedicated to helping individuals overcome their dependence upon opioids and begin their pursuit of healthier, drug-free futures. This dedication starts with prospective patients’ initial contact. For more information about receiving care at any CTC, do not hesitate to call or visit the center. A staff member will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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